Graphics Designing


Advertisement has become one of the most demanding profession. It lets you present the contents in an eye-catching and attractive way which attracts the users. In this course students will be familiarized with latest design trends and will be taught the tools that are in demand.

  • Basic Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design theory
  • Visual elements of Graphic Design
  • Design principles of Graphic Design
  • Career in Graphic Designing
  • Line, Color, Shape and Texture Visual element
  • Space, Form and Typography Visual element
  • Design Principles (Contrast, Balance, Hierarchy, Alignment
  • Design Principles (Proximity, Simplicity and Repetition)
  • Print or digital Graphic Design trends
  • Grid Theory
  • Color schemes
  • Graphics Designs for print/digital media, Web, Logo Designing
  • Image Manipulation
  • Branding
Course Duration : 3 Months
Course Fee : 15000