About SuperTech


SuperTech Institute of Computer Sciences is one of the oldest and one of the best IT Training institutes in Rwalpindi, which offers wide variety of short computer courses. It was established in 1999, and since then SuperTech has trained thousends of IT professionals who are currently serving in different national and international organizations.

The key to our long term stability in the market is the quality we provide, we have top market professionals in our trainer list who are expert in their respecive fields and provide hands-on practical training to the students. Our trainers have divers experience and currently they are also woking in the market. One of the most important factor which we feel lucky about is that our trainers have also been a professional teachers in some of top organizations of the country which help them convey the right thing to the right person at the right time.

Our Motto

Preparing youth for 4th Industrial Revolution

Our Vision

To grow a community of technologically empowered, technically sound and litterally enlightened youth with a thematic vision to let them contribute in fourth induarial revolution.

Our Philosphy