PHP/MySql MVC Codeigniter


PHP is one of the most commonly used server side scripting language for back-end development. We ensure project

  • Introduction to server side languages
  • Installation of web server / setting up an environment
  • Introduction, importance and application of PHP
  • Writing basic PHP scripts
  • PHP variables and operators
  • Conditional structures in PHP
  • Working with PHP loops (for loop, while loop, do…while loop and foreach loop)
  • PHP arrays (Numeric and associative arrays)
  • Super global arrays and variables.
  • Introduction to MySQL database.
  • Basic MySQL operations
  • CRUD operations (writing queries)
  • Debugging techniques in PHP.
  • Working with forms (taking input from the user)
  • Basic login and user registration system in PHP/MySQL.
  • Form validation (server side + client side).
  • SESSIONS and COOKIES in PHP (usage and importance of sessions in web application).
  • Working with PHP GD library (Manipulating and resizing the images dynamically).
  • Introducing OOP in PHP.
  • Classes and objects
  • PHP frameworks introduction their use, need an importance.
  • MVC (introduction)
  • Codeigniter (Introduction)
  • Using codeigniter documentation
  • Development of basic PHP application in codegniter framework.
  • Advance concepts in codeigniter (working with Model View and Controllers)
  • Querying database using Active records.
  • Commercial level project in PHP.
Course Duration : 3 Months
Course Fee : 10,000